About us

Meet Sandra.

My name is Sandra, born and raised in the Netherlands. A couple of years ago I decided to leave my job in the hospital as a dialysis nurse. This did not seem like a logical choice at the time, yet my entire being told me that this was the next move for me.

Shortly after I started my own business. I started facilitating Access Bars classes and giving sessions in energetic bodywork. Access Consciousness came into my life earlier that year and this changed everything. This is a modality from America that focuses on increasing consciousness in the world and bringing more ease and joy into your life by applying different tools, techniques and dynamic body processes.
Before I embraced my awareness, I’ve always had the feeling that there was more. More of that lightness that pulled me, more happiness, more ease, more than a “normal” life. 
And what happened after this goes beyond my wildest dreams.

My business took on a different form. I came in contact with Kalpana Raghuraman and a special collaboration and friendship began. Today I am coordinator and designer in her global business and I get to work with an unbelievably talented team.
During this collaboration is also where I discovered my interest in graphic design that later on grew into my biggest passion. Now my focus is fully on design and recently there has been another edition.

From day one, my husband Frank contributed to my business. He developed systems for my bookkeeping, invoices and continued to support me in all areas. He has a history with webdesign that currently developed into his passion.

Schoenmakers Graphic & Webdesign was born. We met each other in the hospital where we worked together for years, and now the collaboration can continue in a different way. Our creations complement each other immensely and with lots of ease and joy we are very proud of all the beautiful creations we get to bring into this world.

I am very curious what we can contribute to you. 

Meet Frank.

My name is Frank. In my life I have worked in lots of different areas. Construction, the factory, the army and the final 30 years as a dialysis nurse in the hospital where half of my contract also entailed application management for my own department and the hospital itself.

Recently I chose to leave my steady job and join Sandra in her business. In the end this was the best choice I could have made for myself, for us and our family. I played with webdesign in the past as a hobby but never fully pursued this until now.

I am looking forward to what the future has in store for us. By now I’ve learned that life can continue to surprise you, every day. 

Frank Schoenmakers

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